Concert Performance of Song, Music and Traditional Dances
from the Southern Italy





The concert  [100%Tarantella!] is a performance full of high ener

gy, physical, dynamic, in which artists made up of musicians, singers, dancers and masks give life to a mix of explosive traditional music from southern Italy. Moments of pure folk festivals, Neapolitan acts and artistic comedy, splendid female vocals, insistent and explosive percussions guide the audience to abandon themselves to the urgent and leaping rhythms of our South, revised and seasoned by the unstoppable creative passion of the Paranza artists. A concert to dance and experience. A magical and suggestive concert for (Attarantàta) night!






Accompanied by original folk instruments, the musicians of the group guide the audience to abandon themselves to the delightful euphoria of the fast and urgent rhythms of the most beautiful of the tarantelle traditions, alternating between original songs, in a fascinating trip among Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. From Salento, in the heel of Italy, land of passage and continuous exchange between east and west, the swirling and uncontrollable Salentinian “pizzica pizzica”. This was an ancient therapeutic dance used to cure the “tarantati” or those that were bitten by the taranta spider, the high-spirited and enthralling Sicilian tarantella, the sensual and fast Calabrian tarantella, dances of dueling and courtship, and the still ecstatic and hypnotic Neapolitan drumming

, lightly seasoned with spicy and daring arrangements balanced between progressive folk and ancient acoustics, tied to very ancient rituals of Greco-roman origins.