[‘O Pazzariello!]





The performance!


[‘O Pazzariello!] Is a real, authentic Neapolitan “pazzariella”, (anzi D.O.P.), a showman and popular town crier in full uniform inspired by the Bourbon and Neapolitan. He loves to show himself in various artistic forms: alone,  in a duo/trio accompanied by elegant musicians always close by him with a piccolo, bass drum, snare drums and cymbals, or as the big leader of the theater and the scatterbrained director of the orchestra of [La Banda Diàvola!].
[‘O Pazzariello!] is always at your complete disposal to loudly promote any type of product, initiative, demonstration, event or news...and to entertain the spectators, casual or not, with jokes, gags and clever, vaguely dialectal (OR NEAPOLITAN) rhymes. Playful and exciting interaction with passers-by, based on solid animation?? techniques both contact and clown, amazing facial mime and silly expressions, awkward and clumsy caricature dance movements, underlined with the rhythm of the tarantella.
[‘O Pazzariello!] is an extravagant, “Fellini” like character that projects the dreamy and festive atmosphere of the streets and squares where he passes and parades himself, equipped with various good luck charms and a pair of votive offerings in homage to some maid from Vomero, obviously under the protection of Saint Anthony and Saint Vito, to whom he dedicates each tarantella.
[‘O Pazzariello!] strolls along the road, among people, between the stands at the market, among the crowd and with the people he jokes, dances, hugs...Unpredictable, joking, makes funny faces to children, courts the women, kisses the girls on their hands and obviously makes recommendations while passing the lingerie stands. And he even juggles the oranges at the greengrocer!




'O PAZZARIELLO & FANSIFAR @ II Convention on Youth Volunteering
European Parliament, Bruxelles BELGIUM september 2011

A show to see and experience!
Born in Naples a few centuries ago as a real and true newspaper boy, hired to advertise new commercial offers in the open, to spread some important announcements and take the news around- now hired by some merchant, now ready to give the edicts of some rich noble - the theatrical, folk character of the “pazzariello” is as old as the history of Naples and the memory of his existence echoes in the very streets of the Ancient Neapolitan. The Neapolitan “pazzariellos” decided to give themselves a touch of impeccability and class by wearing the military uniform abandoned by the Bourbons and French which perhaps inspired even more subconscious respect and fear in the people which had been subjected to many years of foreign rule.
After some meters of parading and tarantella inspired dancing, playing on instruments which are typical of a military band- that is the bass drum, the snare drum and the piccolo, a flute made of ebony which makes a very acute and sharp sound - after some winking and hand kissing to some passers by, here goes [‘O Pazzariello!] shouting in a true neo-Neapolitan-Piedmontese rhyming dialect: ATTENZIO’ BATTAGLIO’ POPOLAZIO’ E’ SCIUTO PAZZ’O PATRO’!!!! And then the drums start ba rum pa pa pam... ... ...




'O Pazzariello (Italia) con Jankanoo Commandos (Bahamas) @ Liverpool International Carnival Parade
Liverpool UK  |  luglio 2010